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Hi all my name is Marie. I haven't been doing tuts very long but I have been making tags for about 8 years now. I am disabled. I am a 26 year old. I still live at home with my mom. She is my world. I hope you like it here. If you have any questions or comments email me at
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

postheadericon Sinister Kisses

Supplies Needed~
Sinister Kisses Scrap Kit by Roo You can get HERE
Cookie by Roo you can get HERE
Scrap Templete by Roo Can be downloaded HERE
Mask ~Vix_Mask359.jpg(Not sure where I got this. If this is yours please email me and tell me where to link to)
Font Used~Saliere
Eye Candy 3 (if you cant get 3 you can you 4 just a little different outcome)
Lokas Gel
Open a 600 x 600 new image with a white background. Open the scrap Templete and hit shift and D and close out the oringial. Now the way i did this was remove the mask layer, the X's layer, the wordart layer, and the lip layers. Open SKp_ST-SBR01.jpg copy and paste as a new image and now go to layers and arrange and move to the bottom now go to layers arrange and move up. That way it should be showing right above the white background. Go to Mask and apply it to the paper. Now select Rectangle White Frame and flood fill with black same with the Circle Outline. Select Rectangle Inner, copy SKp_ST-SBR09.jpg and paste in to selection. Open SK_ST-SBR25.pspimage copy and paste right above the mask layer. Open SK_ST-SBR02.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 30%. Open SK_ST-SBR35.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 35%. Open SK_ST-SBR36.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 35%. Open SK_ST-SBR37.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 35%. Open SK_ST-SBR52.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 35%. Open SK_ST-SBR51.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 35%. Open SK_ST-SBR03.pspimage copy and paste as new image resize by 35%. Now we are going to add our name with these settings
Go To effects Plugins Lokas Gel
Do these settings~
Bevel Width~10
Bevel depth~100
Angle straight up and down
Color overlay checked
Color opacity~100
Go To Effects, Plugins, Eye Candy 3~Glow With these Settings
Opacity dropoff~Thin
Draw everywhere~unchecked
Now add your watermark and anything else to make it yours.
Thanks for stopping by please come again soon.


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